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Mobile Service

Dents, cracks, and full on shatters of your car glass can leave your vehicle unsafe or uncomfortable for travel, which means you may be miles away from your nearest auto-body shop. But now you can get the service you need on the go with our glass repair mobile service. With one phone call, our team will send a glass technician out to your location to handle the repairs and replacement of your car glass. We specialize in windshields and rear-view mirror repairs but will be able to help no matter what glass on your vehicle is damaged. To learn more, please call us today.

Auto Glass Repair

Accidents can cause damage to your auto glass which can leave unattractive and unsafe cracks, chips, or holes in your glass. These damages can leave you with a limited view of the road, which can be costly in an emergency driving situation. To keep you safe, our team offers the best auto glass repair services available. With our mobile option and our specialty in repair windshields and rear-view mirrors, we'll be able to provide fast and long-lasting repairs to your auto glass so you can get back onto the road safely. Don't let damages ruin your driving experience, call the auto glass repairs experts, today.

Windshield Repair

When cracks and chips form on your windshield, it can leave your vehicle less safe to drive with serious cracks limiting your visibility while on the road. This can lead to costly accidents that can affect your vehicle, other motorists, and yourself. But you can protect yourself by calling the windshield repairs experts. We specialize in repairing cracks and chips or providing total window replacements so that you can enjoy the safe ride once again. Best of all, with our mobile service, you won't even have to drive in to enjoy the same great service, as we're one phone call away from driving out to you. To learn more, please call us today.

Side View Mirror Repair

When you're driving on the road, complete awareness of your surroundings can spell the difference between a safe and pleasant ride and potentially tragic accidents. That's why if your side view mirrors have cracks, chips, or severe damages, then you have to call the car glass repair specialists. We specialize in providing fast and long-lasting repairs and replacements of side view mirrors so that you can hurry and get back on the road. Best of all is that with our mobile service option, you don't even have to drive in to receive great services. Just give us a call and we'll send one of our specialists out to your location to help. So if you need side view mirror repairs, we're the right team for the job.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Platinum Auto Glass provides our customers a Lifetime Warranty on workmanship for each piece of auto glass we install. The warranty is valid for the life of the vehicle, as long as you own it, and does not transfer to a new owner. Because we have technicians with over 20 + years of experience in our industry, we can stand behind our work with confidence. The Lifetime Warranty covers manufacturer’s defects, air noise, water leaks, and molding retention. If you find you have any of these issues, call Platinum Auto Glass at 972-670-1471, and we will come to you to take care of them, at no cost to you! Rock Chip Warranty With each windshield purchased, Platinum Auto Glass provides a complimentary rock chip warranty. For a 3 months following installation, Platinum Auto Glass will repair all of your small rock chips for free. As soon as you get that first, inevitable chip, call us to schedule your repair. Satisfaction Guaranteed Our goal is for every customer to be completely satisfied with our quality and service. Call our office at 972-670-1471, and we will act promptly to resolve any workmanship issue.

Windshield Repair and Auto Glass Replacement Services

• Front Windshield Replacement 

• Rear Windshield Replacement/Back Glass Replacement 

• Driver & Passenger Door Glass Replacement 

• Side and Quarter Window Replacement 

• Rock Chip Repair 

• Rear Cab Sliders 

• Sunroof Repair and Installation 

• Window Motor Repair and Replacement 

• Window Regulator Repair and Replacement 

• T-Top Replacement 

• Truck Sliders 

• Hatchbacks

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